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University Links

Kent Science Park has developed co-operative arrangements with a range of regional and national world class universities.

Working with a local or national university can bring your business enormous and cost-effective  benefits, such as access to:

  • Collaborative and contract research.
  • Consultancy and expertise on a short term or ad hoc basis.
  • Post- doc and graduate research and consultancy.
  • Intellectual property and licenses.
  • Business advice and support, executive mentoring and business education.
  • Staff development and education, including short courses, foundation degrees, Post Graduate degrees and PhDs, PG Certificates and  Diplomas.
  • Psychometric testing and assessment centres.
  • Leading edge equipment and facilities as and when you need them.
  • Help with business challenges through  short and long term subsidised student projects such as Shell Step and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.
  • Temporary staff and permanent recruitment.

If you are interested in developing links with a university, please phone or email Emma Elgar on: Telephone: 01795 411 500 or email:


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