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On Site Support

Kent Science Park tenants are able to access KSP LaunchPad - a range of free business support services.

The onsite management team work closely with expert business consultants and Innovation Growth Teams to help tenants, start-ups, University spin-outs and established businesses to commercialise their innovations.

IOD Kent (who are based onsite) work with Kent Science Park to host networking events and business critical talks.

We also partner with a range of top business advisors from firms such as Brachers Law, Thomson Snell & Passmore, Enterprise Europe Network and tenants on site to deliver a wide range of talks and free advice on subjects ranging from employment law to how to start doing business in Europe.

As a responsible landlord we operate an open door policy to all of our tenants. It is in all of our interests to ensure that Kent Science Park companies succeed and grow. Whether a tenant is experiencing good times or bad, we offer our full support and access to KSP LaunchPad.

For more information on business space to let, contact us today by email, or call Babs Knott on 01795 411 500

Photocopying, Laminating and Binding Services

We offer a competitive rate for any tenants who require A4 photocopying, laminating or binding.

Photocopying- 10p per sheet (black and white)

Laminating- £1.00 per pouch

Binding- £2.00 per document

For further information please contact Chris or Jo at the Site Administration Office on 01795 411500.

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